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We're Here to Help

Have a question? We have answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don?t find your answer here, please use the form below and contact us directly.

I tried to register for WalkingWorks and it says I'm already registered. How do I access my account?

This means your e-mail address is already associated with a current WalkingWorks account. You can do one of two things: If you have participated in WalkingWorks before, you can contact the administrator of the program you previously participated in to have your registration deleted from the system, then register anew using your original e-mail address (any previously logged activity will be lost in this process). You can request a new password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the WalkingWorks login page

Once I sync my Fitbit device with WalkingWorks, how does it pull my steps into the program?

Once you have your Fitbit account linked, in order for steps to be uploaded to the WalkingWorks platform you do need to log into the website to allow Fitbit to send the data. If you would like to see daily updates, you would need to log into the website daily (www.walkingworks.com). If you are just logging in on the app or are not logging in daily, your steps will not sync daily.

Is the information I enter during registration used for purposes other than keeping track of my WalkingWorks progress?

We do not use any of the information provided during registration for any other purpose. You will only receive program information during the length of the program.

Can non-Blue Cross and Blue Shield members participate in WalkingWorks?

The WalkingWorks program is open to all employees. Participants register for the program on a public Web site and are not asked for any specific information regarding their health plan, however you are asked with which Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan the program you're signing up for is associated and you will need that information to register to participate in an employer-sponsored WalkingWorks program.

I registered for the wrong program or team. How do I get my account changed to the correct program or team?

If you signed up for the wrong program or team, you can log into WalkingWorks and click the "Edit Profile" tab located near the top of the page. On this page, you can choose the correct program and/or team from the drop-down menus.

I registered for the wrong Plan or Group or Team. What are my options now?

You can change the Plan, Group or Team for which you registered in the "Edit Profile" section of your participant page.

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Walking Works Support

If you are experiencing any issues with the program or have any questions please contact us by filling out the form below, or you can reach us at (888-615-BLUE).